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Become unlimited, build unshakeable confidence, and upgrade your social life with Layan Bubbly’s authentic and simple approach to coaching!

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Do you keep attracting manipulative and emotionally unavailable men? Then, this masterclass is for you!

Learn in less than 30 minutes how to be free from toxic relationships and how to attract your soulmate without ever going to clubs, bars or using dating apps again!

Start loving yourself, be confident & have more emotional stability.

Heal & overcome negativity and be in peace with your mind.

Break through the patterns of attracting manipulative or unavailable men and start attracting loyal & caring men.

The #1 reason successful women attract toxic relationships and can’t attract a loyal and honest man (hint: it's not what you think)


Did you know that 93% of communication is non-verbal?

Most women tell you if they like you before they even speak a word. Learn to spot the queues of interest in order to avoid rejection, use body language to build interest, and, become absolutely rejection-proof thanks to my free course on body language.

Spot the signs of interest and become rejection-proof

Build sexual tension instantly with the right touch

Learn the signs that show she wants to be kissed

Display signs of confidence even if you are shy or insecure

Layan Bubbly


Dating Coach

We love to work with serious men and women, who are truly ready to find love and from all backgrounds and ages!

Dating Coach

Man or woman, we are first and foremost humans! We believe in hearing your story first and personalizing our help to your exact needs!

Dating Coach

No games, no pick-up lines and no manipulation needed! We work by bringing your authentic self to the dating world and we support you every step of the way to be simply your best self!

hayley quinn

We teach more than dating... We teach fun, love, connection, intimacy! That's our promise to you!

hayley quinn

We will be the best friend you've always wished for. Always present, a great listener, and, adaptive to your exact needs!



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