I know you’ve read all about this already but allow me to explain it a bit differently. What a woman looks for, when she looks at you, is a greater society level then hers.

Now I’m not saying you need to be rich and go to all the fancy parties. She wants you to be the one that everyone looks to in a social setting. No not because you’re causing a scene, but because of your confidence in just being yourself and owning the situation you are in, whether it’s a bar, country club, or just hanging out with your friends.



Are you the one people are looking at and listening to or are you the one sitting in the corner watching? I will admit that I struggle with this. You see if it’s just me and my friends, I am that guy who every looks to, but if I’m out looking for a woman it’s a whole different story. I spend so much time looking that I forget to be me in the present. Even my friends question why I am not acting like myself. Do you feel the same way?

Maybe you have confidence at work and can lead the team on a project, but when it comes to women it’s to much pressure. Women have a great sense of social prowess. That’s why we see so many of them chasing the so called bad boys. These guys don’t care how it looks. They don’t just sit back and let life happen. They make life happen.

Now you can fake it and get a date or two. But don’t be surprised if they start to flake on you after a couple dates. All it means is that they realize your social standing ( confidence ) on the inside doesn’t match watch she was seeing in the outside. As the saying goes fake it till you make it. If you fake it enough then your confidence will start to grow. And that social man you were faking will become real. He is in you somewhere. You just have to let go of the pressure of finding a woman and as they say, find yourself.

Stop getting in your own way. Get out into the world and experience new things. Don’t be afraid to get embarrassed because you can’t dance or something like that. Confidence isn’t about getting the woman. It’s about attracting the woman you deserve by being yourself. A charismatic gentleman with an edge. That knows when to talk and when to listen. When to act and when to just let things happen.

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Remember you don’t have to be the best just be the best you

 ~ Michael