One of the biggest reasons guys avoid approaching women is that they simply don’t know how to approach a woman they’ve never met. But guys who take their time to learn the fundamentals on how to approach a woman no longer have that issue, and therefore have an easy time approaching women wherever they go. The way men approach women is an art form more than a science. And as such, there is no definitive way to make the first contact. However, there are a few basic concepts which will make the process easier for you. Casanova Style…


First and foremost you have to understand that women have an automatic defense system against men that try to approach them. This defense gets even stronger as soon as they hear a pickup line. This is why a pickup line is not the best way to initiate the first approach. Not only does it gets her defenses up, it also makes you look like all the other guys that try to hit on her.

So in order to have a better success in the first approach, you will need to sneak in under her radar so to speak, unless you are getting all the right signals from her. Don’t approach her as a target of your intentions, rather be casual and just friendly. This will allow you a better opportunity to hold a conversation with her and gain her interest without her blocking you out from the start.


Women typically like it when men are confident. In fact, confidence is an attractive quality on anyone. Now confidence does not mean that you are going to walk up to her and tell her that you like her straight up, this will immediately will set up her defenses.

The best way to convert confidence is by demonstrating an ability to walk up to her and begin a conversation without appearing shy or nervous. If you appear nervous you will convey to her that you’re a man of low value and she will immediately feel unattractive to you. If you exhibit a confident personality, she will feel a curious interest in you; which will work in your favor.


Your smile is one of your biggest weapons you have when approaching women. If you are smiling, and make other people around you smile, or even laugh, then this will make her want to be around you.

When someone appears to be happy, it shows confidence and comfort with whom and where you are. It makes other people think that where you are is the place to be. If you want to have any success with women, they need to feel that you are someone they will enjoy being with. Someone who can make their day with a smile, and erase all the stress they experience a day in and day out. If you are in a bad mood, you will repel others, as no one wants more misery in their life.


Be observant of what she is doing. Don’t stalk her or anything similar, but if you see someone that catches your eye, pay attention to her so you can gather in some details that will help you begin the first conversation. What she is reading, doing, wearing, and other things will give you opportunities to initiate that first discussion.

So pay careful attention to everything about her, especially her body language. If you notice that she is having a horrible day, then she might enjoy some humor to brighten her day. If she is being approached by numerous of men, then you don’t want to be just another guy that is trying to pick her up. Be observant, and then show creativity in each situation, so you leave a positive impression.


The last and most important item in approaching women for the first time is being you. Never try to give a false impression about yourself, as if the first date turns into something more, then you will create a stressful environment for yourself as you try to maintain that persona.
You want someone who will enjoy being around you and will like who you are. While your personality may not attract every woman on the planet, you will attract the ones that are important to you. The goal of attracting women is not about quantity, it’s about quality. It’s all about how to attract quality women who have something to contribute to you and your happiness.

I’m Alex Mercedes and in the end, you should treat the conversation like if you were talking to a friend, that will take some pressure off and ease your anxiety. Introducing yourself can be the best or worst thing you do in front of someone. And learning how to introduce yourself and make a great first impression is key in getting a girl to want more of you in her life, but with some practice, you’ll be approaching women and introducing yourself like Casanova.