Everybody, wants to know: about how to own this event of 2018?

So keep reading, because I’m going to share some really awesome tips for all those wonderful people, who want to know how to be both contented and truly radiating in their life during 2018!

These tips that I want to disclose and share, are for those brave hearts who have suffered from agonizing break-ups in life. But are willing now without hesitation, by wanting to move on!

Caution: These ideas by there proclamations, can change the way you think towards your life. But more importantly, get you focused on that positive track of life once more!

Many of us are really excited by wanting to realize these perfect resolutions, saying goodbye, by forgetting our heartbreaks and move away from an aimless, almost seemingly boring routine. Therefore, changing our lives, and making this venture year, of 2018 a new worthwhile direction, that we are eager to realize, and benefit from. Adding to that phrase – ‘think inspiration’ but allow the term of happiness to be endured!

Think – one should never forget. ‘A Friend in need is a friend indeed.’ If you are having questions on your mind, such as: ‘How to forget my ex?’ ‘How to move on?’ Or even ‘How to forget break-up moments?’ What are the genuine resolutions to adopt for this new year? What does it take to be contented? Or how to be happier, in this 2018? You should now get ready to visually see, and find out all of my answers, below:

Everybody we know is busy, by any means in their own way, some of them are smiling, whereas others are just strange, described almost as robotic. In our day-to-day life people are getting far smarter over time, technology has progressed, with a variety of latest devices, but what we lack is genuine satisfaction! A film star of those retro times, Charlie Chaplin, was quoted ‘You’ll find that life is still worthwhile if you just smile…’

I think it is possible for everybody to be resolved even contented at the same time, one has to believe that happiness comes from within, yes it’s a product of self-generation. It cannot depend or rely on a materialistic world, with its dictatorial terms and conditions. Sometimes what we do, makes us resolved, in particular when someone appreciates us for what we have sponsored by a singular achievement:



It is a fact that the vagaries of the human race make mistakes, and it’s completely normal. One should never give up a chance to rectify it when possible, but sometimes our mistakes become a horrible testament ofpast endeavours, still considered as a lesson from mother nature, instead of punishment. It is also a fact that one has to accept the shadows of the past, because, it cannot be changed, only in time is it possible to move towards the radiance of a consolidated future, that time, as an architect has left for us, its coherent signature!



Danny Kaye, a specialised  American performer once said. ‘To travel is to take a journey into yourself.’ Today people are working to live a life consisting of multitasking. Perhaps even guilty by overlooking the important aspect of their very lives, a core fundamental, that is ‘travelling.’ But with this 2018- break-away from your routine daily life! Decide, and make a mindset, your present, is less than ‘a lotto winning moment.’ Now – my idea!

Take some magazine cuttings, write your favourite cities, naming them. – Heres the deal – ask a stranger to choose one, so it can be a real surprise to you, for your next journey. Make a plan to explore a complete new country, like that special city, why not?  All about learning new things, enjoy a different culture, taste variety of foods and have fun, because it can change the idea of your perception of life!



Yes, we all have a genuine crush on someone, deep inside, we prepare to approach whoever? But often our realization is, we end up dreaming! Now let’s make that – ‘history’ because we are entering 2018. Leap of faith – who cannot be moved by that expression. Let’s take it as a dare! come on, cool, why not, put a smile on your face approach with a radiance of – it oozes confidence. Go for it, deep breath and ask: ‘Hey my name is… what’s your name…?’

For those who are already in love or committed in a relationship. Then try not to forget your old days, cherish your memories over again, confess your love once more to your partner, put a genuine smile on the face of that person, you will be staging a priority, an in-depth reminder, that you still care…



Who doesn’t have their favourite actors or artists, but sometimes many of us just forget who WE ARE! I see many people when they are impressed, they unknowingly forget themselves in the process of appreciation and act accordingly. Guys, (that deep breath again) relax, leave any anxiety behind, believe me, everyone is good in their own way. Its based naturally, and need not to be compared with anyone else. This harbinger year of 2018, feel a noteworthy man or woman within you, your own, well being, take my advise, think, act with contention, and one more aspect. Don’t forget to appreciate the real ‘YOU.’



This is my direct focus, the virtual aiming point, its targeted towards you… To be happier! Let us believe that our happiness is going to maintain our healthy lifestyle. ‘Treat Yourself What You Deserve.’ I mean come on, who can say NO to those cheesy pizzas or a glass of wine, but also do not forget to ask yourself? How you aregoing to balance those calories? We should not forget our health deserves more care and respect than anything else, so eat well, remember the ‘five a day’ and give yourself on occasions, even if you whisper – a best treat!

Honestly, a scoop of favourite ice-cream at midnight with your best friend, can make you forget your ex for that moment.

You simply have to concentrate and decide which flavour will be at the top of your choices!

Bharat Tharwani

Layan Bubbly Coaching  2018