What are the best habits for one to stay positive and extra bubbly? This is a question I have asked myself for many years. I went all out, exploring the top tips from successful millionaires to the yoga gurus. I tested out a few things myself, I found these 5 life-changing habits were the most effective.

Let me start off by saying that it is completely normal for us to have ups and downs in life. If my experiences have taught me anything, it’s that experiences come in waves. Sometimes, we can have a week of disappointment and pain. Other times, our week can be full of surprising successes!

This article is the best 5 ways I found to keep your energy going even when everything seems to turn against you.

Every single one of us has a source of inspiration which instantly allows them to feel energized and ready to attack the week. Some of us love competitive sports, others love nature, others might like a lazy Sunday in bed doing absolutely nothing. I realized along my journey that I need to recharge myself on a weekly basis in order to be able to keep myself going during the time when I have to race and push. Personally, these are the top suggestions which work well for me and allow me to feel fresh and focused on a Monday morning:

1) Spending the weekend with people who uplift me – whether it’s cuddling with my boyfriend, or, having dinner and a few drinks with my good friends, mingling with positive energies which help you connect with the feeling of love is my number one remedy for negativity!

2) Go for a walk in complete wilderness – ah nature! It is our original source of happiness and well-being. Nothing says relaxation and reconnection better than a long walk in the wilderness! You don’t need to go very far, you simply need to get away from the pollution, the people, and, the noise. I like to take my dog with me, and, pay attention to the little things which surround me (the sound of the birds, the design of a tree, the smell of a blossoming flower)! Don’t think about work! Don’t think about problems! This is the one hour a week when you simply let go and enjoy being 100% immersed in the present moment!

3) Update your musical playlists – the universal language of connection and love! Music has a magical power over my well-being! Every week, I try to discover new songs which make me smile and sing! Sometimes, why not dance a little! Allow yourself to immerse in a completely different universe! Allow your child spirit to come out! Make yourself a nice bubble bath (we needed to include the bubbles of-course), light up some scented candles, dim down the lights, and, enjoy the loud vibrations of your chosen music through-out your body. I recommend personally going for a shower or a bath as there is a connection between water, musical vibrations, and, the healing process which comes with your experience. My personal suggestions for musical healing include Bonobo, Lusine, Bossa Nova. 

4) Express yourself and organize your thoughts – our mind is like our home. As you approach the weekend, you have gathered so much information, deadlines, problems, stresses, and, you still haven’t taken the time to organize them, reflect on them, and, ask yourself the right questions to solve these issues. It’s a good practice to take a moment to evaluate what happened this week and to try to organize your game-plan on how to get things done. Take some time to manage your time for the week, think about what you will do, cook, eat, who you will meet, and also, take some time to write down your thoughts. Writing down your evolving thoughts in a journal will help you get rid of the clutter in your mind, and, it can be very helpful in the future when you reminisce on your past.  

5) Try something unlike you – If you are a sports-addict, try immersing yourself in a musical journey. If you are a serious businessman, try expressing your emotions to someone you care for. Whatever is your nature, try the complete opposite for a day. Just one day. You might be surprised to discover how trying new things can not only stimulate your mind in a positive manner, but, being in an uncomfortable situation helps you connect to yourself and the universe in a deeper sense. I try to put myself in a new situation every week, whether it means trying a new activity like rock-climbing or simply walking in the unknown streets of my city. Maybe occasionally talking to someone new who I would never think would be my friend, and, I often get surprised by these new experiences. We are much deeper than we know, and, allowing ourselves to be more fluid is an excellent practice for the mind, the body, and, the soul. 

Try out these five tips in your life, and, don’t forget to share this article with a few of your closest friends. Sharing is caring, and, what is a better gift than a wish you well and happiness post?

Also, if you would like to push the limits of your comfort, and, want to discover new possibilities for yourself, why not get in touch with me? A simple “hello” might change your entire life. I offer coaching for any kind of person, and, being your authentic best self is the goal every single time!

I wish you a bubbly week on purpose until next time!