Enough is enough!

It’s now the point where your ex has seriously become obsessed with you and is at the edge of become harassing… 

Verbal abuse, constant texts and calls, your ex even checks out all of your posts on social media to see what’s new with you life!

At what point will your ex get over you and realize that the relationship has ended?

 If you are the one who broke up, you might be seeing things from a completely different point of view. 

Did you know that about 60% of women and 40% of men keep checking the social media of their ex?

 This shows us how much most of us are completely unable to move on to something or someone else, let alone forget about the past. 

We end up becoming disconnected from our ex, calling them crazy, bi-polar, or, wondering how we ever desired them in the first place!

The solution to stopping this behaviour from your ex seems complicated but, in reality, is quite simple. 

I explain in my brand new video below how you can understand the mindset of your ex, the reasons behind this strange behaviour, and, my expert opinion on how you can change things around!