Break-up is one of the crucial stages where a relationship of a commitment, dreams and many emotions between two hearts comes to an end. No relation deserves to go through such a brutal stage that can cause a disaster for the one who is genuine with his or her commitment. It is one of the most disruptive experiences one can ever have in relation.

Sometimes post break-up hurts more than just a break-up. It can be extremely painful for the one who had a recent break-up is trying to move on but suddenly a flashback occurs which gives a remind of past moments of togetherness. Such flashbacks or crossing things which are related to past love life can trigger huge stress to many people for permanent basis.

Most of the time misunderstandings play a major role whereas weaknesses, insecurities, lack of attention or jealousy in relation are also common reasons for uncertainty. It is really hard to accept the loss of a partner once with who shared unforgettable moments such as soft arguments, romantic dinners, mid-night beach walk and many more. This is sad but many of us are broken from within and if asked how life is going on the answer would probably start with, “As if it was only yesterday, our relation was like a fairy-tale…”

Once Jeremy Aldana quoted, “Pain will leave you, when you let go.”

Let’s just accept the fact that life isn’t unfair all the time, we have to forgive ourselves forget those painful scars and move on with a hope towards better future. Time doesn’t stops for anyone than how can we let our life to stop because of few unfortunate happenings!

Self Care Tips:

  • Have a word:

When it comes to care always count yourself twice. Family loves you unconditionally If possible spend quality time with your family and close friends, have a word, talk with them about yourself and also let them share how happy they feel with you, it will give you feel the importance and peace.

  • Accept yourself:

Many of times people end up with claiming the whole responsibility for the conclusion which was completely uncertain. Do not forget break-up is for both of you and if you were really genuine you don’t have to beg your partner to stay or give justification who has made a mindset to give up.

It’s alright, if it happened, but now with a better lessons accept the life and move on. When you decide to cheer up nobody can stop you.

  • Don’t Stalk:

You cannot step up and see a better view of life if you still hold things which are going to let you down. Do yourself a favor and be genuine again but this time to forget your ex. Remove the contact, cut on him/her socially and don’t stay with mutual friends because it is necessary for anybody to realize from within that you are no more together.

  • Don’t downgrade your level:

Never walk on a path of life which can get you only betrayed, It is normal to feel high-tempered at some moments or feel aggressive towards tiny things but you can get over soon if you control yourself, take things very generally and stay calm.

Do not switch to consumption of drugs or too much of alcohol or smoking because this is not just unhealthy but anyways cannot even help to undo things between you and your ex.

Bharat Tharwani

Layan Bubbly Coaching