Friend-zone, no one likes being there.

If you like a friend, let them know. Yes you may loose a friend, but you may gain so much more.

If she/he likes you as well, you get the best kind of relationship – a friendship that has no borders, not mental, not physical. True love is being attracted to your best friend. Things that seem like a deal breaker, suddenly don’t matter anymore.

Is true love worth the risk? Let me ask you this. How many times have you thought to yourself ” what if she/he does like me?” or ” what if she/he rejects me and never talks to me again?”

I will tell you something. Living in the “what if” world sucks. It’s lonely and only leads to regrets. Knowing the answers to the “what if ” allows you to move on. Without the answers you can not live. If you can not live, then you can not grow. If you are not growing and not living life, how can you expect someone to want to join you?

If she/he rejects you ( says she/he doesn’t feel that way about you) then at least you know. yes it hurts, but not as much as it will hurt if you continue to live in the “what if ” .

Imagine going through life wasting your time, watching her/him date other people. Being there for her/him when they get their heart broken. Now your pain is growing. Here’s a ” what if ” for you. “what if” you met the person that was meant for you, but you were still living in the “what if ” world for your friend? Would you even notice this other person? probably not. then there goes your chance at happiness.

Often times, what we think we want is not what we need. Don’t get me wrong, its good to know what you want and go get it, but the key words there are “go get it” If you are always living in the ” what if ” world, you will never know what it is that you truly need.

You may want this one person but what you really need is something much more.

Someone that loves you for who you are and who you will be. That best friend who looks at you with wide eyed belief and a fire that burns in their heart.

You can not find this person if you don’t risk the pain of rejection.

Everyone deserves true love. We only get what we deserve when we put the time and effort into it. What are you doing to deserve what you want? Are you open minded enough to receive what you need?

It’s easy to live in the ” what if ” world. We can build up fantasies that always end they way we want them to. But, we both know that fantasies are not real. The ” what if ‘ world is full of big promises and even bigger crashes.

Tell her/him how you feel. It’s just a bump in the road of life. Or you can live in the sinkhole of ” what if “.