Your must make resolution for 2018 is not to lose weight or start working out. Although feeling better about yourself would go a long way toward boosting your confidence. Not to mention all the health benefits. With that in mind, gaining confidence is not your must make resolution for 2018. Confidence is an end result and when coming up with a resolution, you should look for root causes of your troubles. You may be thinking eliminating fear or the anxiety that comes from fear, is the root cause. No, but you are getting warmer…

What is fear? Fear is an emotional response to a perceived danger. Perceived….meaning it hasn’t happened yet! Our minds are very powerful. As we think, our body reacts subconsciously. If you have a fear of meeting people your body will show it, and others will sense that and treat you accordingly. The way people react to you, reinforces the fear in you. But, fear, as a concept, is not the primary root cause either.

Your must make resolution for 2018 is:   stop assuming

No one knows for sure what will happen.

Most people assume, if they put themselves out there and become vulnerable, something negative is going to happen. This may be due to things that have happened in the past. For example – a gentleman puts himself out there, and asks a young woman out. She rejects him! Now he tries again with a different woman but this time in his head, he is assuming that she will reject him like the previous occurrence. He goes through with the approach, but subconsciously his body language is showing his true thoughts. Eventually he will stop even asking! All because of an assumption. But what does assumption reveal? – “To accept without proof!”

In the coaching world this is known as a negative mindset.

You may think that the one resolution you should make for 2018 would be to gain a positive mindset or start looking at everything with a good assumption.

Always assuming a positive outcome is not great either. While better then always assuming the worse it to can be bad for your confidence and lead to fear and anxiety. Think about it, if you are always assuming the best outcome and you don’t get it, how long before your confidence comes crashing down.

I will let you in on a secret.

Every successful person in the world understands that you can’t be thinking that something bad is going to happen or that only something good can happen.  A successful businessman doesn’t think that every investment they make is going to make them rich. Even the most successful pick up artist doesn’t think he can sleep with every girl! They have all had coaches and mentors that help them to weigh the positive with the negative. To increase their chances of success by becoming  acutely aware of what’s happening.

Maybe I went to far, by saying that you should stop assuming! Reflect – for a moment, as there is one thing, I want you to assume….

No matter what happens in 2018, you will get through it, learn from it, and grow as a person because of the value it will transmit.

Put yourself out there, be vulnerable, take chances. You can’t succeed if you stop trying.

If you are up for a challenge I ask you…

Are your goals are real enough?

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Tell me, is success a want or a need in 2018