Even If You’re Shy, Unattractive Or Out of Shape!

Now, you are probably wondering what do women want in a man? Well, I can tell you this much without any single doubt in my mind: women want a man honest enough to trust, but, mysterious enough to question. There is a middle ground that each man needs to discover in his journey to finding his best-self.

Women are attracted to the right mixture of:

A confident man, who is able to go after his desires, whether that’s a woman he finds attractive, or, even, a job opportunity he thinks suits him, and a man respectful enough to not be a player.

We love leaders, go-getters, who are aware enough of their own-self and their surroundings.

I like the idea of a gentleman with an edge, a man with charm, in control of himself, his emotions, and, the emotions of others.

My perfect man is elegant, sophisticated, someone who mesmerizes me with his looks and charms me with his words… I melt just thinking about this man. I would never melt thinking of a pick-up artist. I know you can connect with what you are reading, because, you are a gentleman, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. You were taught to respect yourself AND women. You just need that edge, and, that’s what I am here to show you!

The virtual coach offers you just that: a program that shows you the how-to’s and the know-hows of the art of seduction. Simply put a 2-month program, diving deep into what women want, and in the privacy of your own home.


What every guy needs to know about how to get a girlfriend.

The #1 mistake guys make trying to approach a woman and how to avoid it.

The body language skills every guy needs to have confidence when talking to women.

On-line dating tips

How to turn her on with a text

And So Much More…



Every week, you have access to a brand new episode to better your over-all game. From body language tricks to creating your online dating profile, we got you at every step of the way.



Dedicated trained coaches show you how to apply the strategies, ideas and tools to your dating life. Ask any question, and, receive your answer instantly.


Make connections with like-minded men, looking to overcome the same modern dating challenges and sharing their secrets with you.

This program focuses on helping men understand the key elements of male and female interaction by guiding you in choosing the right approach when attracting women, improving your social skills, your understanding of dating, game, and relationship among other things. Here, you will learn not only what works and what doesn’t in the world of seduction, but you will also get a woman’s insight into how women think, react and what they want in a man.

Happy Customers

“Before finding Layan, I never went out. I would not even think about approaching a beautiful woman. You might say I would even go out of my way to avoid them. After just four weeks in Layan’s program, I was a new man. I felt great about myself. All my friends and even my co-workers noticed. Women noticed also. I even have women approaching me. I should tell you I prefer younger women. I have dated four different women this month, all more than 10 years younger than me. Thank you Layan! I didn’t know I had it in me. Glad you did.”


"When I was looking for programs and videos about how to be more Manly thinking that I would attract more women that way or that people would like me better, I ended up in Layan’s YouTube channel. From there to make the story short, I invested in the virtual coaching program that she has. Although it’s simple, I understood that I don’t need to be a macho, nowadays it’s more about being able to read people, know what they want and how they feel, and what you can do to be more likable or be perceived as a great funny interesting guy. Thanks to this my relationships are way better and I’m able to enjoy them, and I’m at ease when approaching women and strangers in general. Thanks Layan!"


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